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REMOVALS...Home and business removals

We Below you can find details of the services we provide. All services can be constructed based on an hourly rate or a fixed, agreed price.

Remember: quotations from Armstrong Removals are always free of charge!

All inclusive:

This is the Full Monty of house moves. We will provide a stress-free house moving experience, taking responsibility for the packing with required materials, storage (if requested), the move itself and even unpacking and assembling! All within a timeframe that suits you. We help you so that you can get started in your new home stress-free, and have a house removal experience as it should be.

Pre-fixed rate:

If you have a more complex situation or you prefer financial security this might be a suitable solution for you. After discussing your needs with us, a price will be negotiated and the job will be done with no extra costs, hassle or problems. In one email phone call or visit everything can be arranged and booked in. We always follow through on what we promise.

Moved by you - Driven by us:

This is a service for the DIY mover who is in need of a suitable van to get from A to B! We have a range of van styles and sizes, available for as long as you need.

As an example: A member of our professional staff will drop the van off at your (soon to be) old house, so that you can load up in your own time. When you have finished you contact us, and we will drive the loaded van to your new home.

This service is always provided with packing blankets, ties and (if requested) sack truck(s).

Man and a Van: *

This service provides the same as "Moved by you - Driven by us" with an additional member of our professional staff to work alongside you, giving you a very reasonably priced move and professional help.

Men and a Van: *

Provides exactly the same as above but with more members of our professional staff.

* Please take a look at our Man and Van website for further details of these specialised services.

The above two services are popular on an hourly rate, but are also available at fixed price.

We are also associated with BOOMERANG BOX HIRE : Boomerang Box Hire with boxe hire from £1-00 each .... UNBEATABLE !!

If you wish to contact us please use the enquiry form on the contact us page, call or email at :-